Department of Anatomy & Histology


In a context of constantly changing diagnosis and treatment modalities, Anatomy remains the scaffolding on which all medical sciences are built. Anatomy is the basis of medical science, therefore, the subject is taught in the first and second semester of DVM, B.S. MLT, B.S. Poultry, and several other undergraduate / postgraduate programs. Anatomy is the science of the macro and the microstructure of the body, therefore, without a solid knowledge of anatomical abilities, students' knowledge will be imperfect. That is why the teaching of anatomy with advanced technologies focuses in this department. The major courses offered by the department include; General Veterinary Anatomy, General Veterinary Histology or Microscopic Anatomy, Systemic Veterinary Histology &Embryology or Developmental Anatomy, and comparative Anatomy. Teaching anatomy by way of lectures/videos and practical training by dissection and histological study will help in development of medical/clinical skills of students.The Department hosts two undergraduate labs equipped with audio-visual facility, two post graduate labs, one dissection hall, and one loose bone & skeleton preparation room.