Department of Food Sciences


The Department of Food Sciences was established in 2018. Keeping in view its multi-disciplinary prospects and degree programs offered, the Department has huge potential to become national institute of south Punjab in Food sciences.
The discipline of food sciences at Cholistan University of veterinary and animal sciences, (CUVAS) Bahawalpur will be a key major for south Punjab students due to its wider market/job oriented nature. With the unremitting efforts made by faculties, the Discipline of CUVAS, compared with its counterparts in Pakistan, had great potential to boost in research foundation, and in coverage of vast academic areas. Food science department could help south Punjab region in achieving long lasting desire of functional foods having excellent nutritional value. State of the art research facility is serving different sectors in technical as well as in analytical facility of variety of samples. Food science has state of the art experimental facilities to judge the quality of food physically and chemically. CUVAS food science department has microbiological, chemical testing and food hazard analysis complete facility that distinguish them from rest of the counter parts. The teaching faculty comprises of skilled teachers qualified from technologically advanced institutes abroad. To improve the quality of education and practical skills of the students, the department of Food sciencesis offering undergraduate and Post graduate degree programs.
The faculty is involved in teaching and research besides some administration responsibilities and memberships of regulatory bodies. Some research projects funded by HEC are currently in progress at the Institute. The main focus is to enhance animal source food and its preservation for delivery to masses to avoid malnutrition. The core areas of study and research are food chemistry & analysis, food safety &microbiology, food processing &engineering, dairy & meat technology, cereals &baking technology, fruits & vegetable technology, oils, fats & sugar technology, human nutrition, food nanotechnology, controlled release & delivery and dietetics.
Entrepreneurial approach & innovation, a sense of daring to try something new, recognizing needs and providing solutions, visionary faculty has far eye vision to see Food Sciences a top program in the nation with rest of the counterparts.