Pet and Wild Animal Hospital


The Pet and Wild Animal Hospital at Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (CUVAS) offers a range of educational, veterinary, and wellness services for small animals and exotic pets. We are involved in helping and rehabilitating the pets & people since 2018. The dedicated and self-motivated team of experienced veterinarians possesses advanced skills and training in aspect(s) from pet chiropractic healing to the care of exceptionally rare exotic pets. The hospital has been equipped with state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment(s) like diagnostic imaging equipment(s) including Modern Digital X-ray and Latest ultrasound facilities. Two fully working operation theaters are engaged in training the students and operating the small animals under the umbrella high intensity OT lights. These operating rooms have been equipped with emergency equipment(s), anesthesia machines and oxygen units for uninterrupted oxygen supply to ensure the life safety.

  • To be the nation’s leading state of the art public academic hospital for pets and wild animals
  • To facilitate and educate the undergraduate students in veterinary discipline(s)
  • To offer outstanding timely Surgical and Veterinary Medical services to small animals, avian, wildlife and rare exotic animals of the animal lovers especially to the citizens of Bahawalpur and neighboring cities


  •  To offer the best possible care to pet and wild animals who require surgical services  
  • Serving our clients with best latest education and help in every aspects of animal care and ownership
  •  Public health awareness
  • Strive to exceed our clients' expectations by treating owners and their pets with respect, honesty , compassion and ownership
  • To provide services in a hygienic, clean, safe, and patient friendly environment
  • To work as a team, complementing each other’s talents and retaining a positive attitude
  • Impart knowledge through the best educational experiences possible for our veterinary students, veterinarian and pet owners
  • We offer the best quality services to the pets and their owners in a professional and compassionate environment.

Plan of action

  • To promote the growth and development of research programs which integrate into pet and wild animal practice
  • The goal of the plan is to renew and advance the hospital’s mission.