Veterinary Teaching Hospital


Catering the needs for education, research, disease diagnostics, and trainings in order to keep pace with innovations in the livestock, poultry, wildlife, and allied sectors are areas of focus for Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (CUVAS), Bahawalpur. University also undertake extension activities in the allied disciplines to benefit the communities by advanced applied knowledge, expertise, and skilled human resource. On the other hands, university focusses on industry and trade to produce and export safe and healthy livestock products to international market. To achieve these goals, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) appears to be unavoidable element of CUVAS Bahawalpur. VTH complex is unique in its cadre comprising of Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Department of Theriogenology, Department of Pets and Wildlife, and Central Diagnostic Lab (CDL). Clinical and extension services to the farmers, animal breeders, commercial dairy and poultry industry are collective key roles of VTH. The VTH team is extremely active in clinical training and teaching of veterinarians and veterinary students with the most applicable and updated information. Services comprising of radiography, ultrasonography, hematological analysis, automatic infusion, blood transfusion, grooming of animals, and outbreak management are helping communities around on actual grounds. Pets and Wildlife clinical health services are especial feature of this complex. Apart from aforementioned attributes of VTH are the wider range of reproductive health management including semen analysis, dystocia handling for large and small animals, C-section, uterine and vaginal prolapse, uterine torsion, and retention of placenta, and many more. For the 1st time in Cholistan area, reproductive ultrasonography services to the farmer for physiological and pathological cases are being provided on campus and to the doorstep of the farmers. To provide quick diagnostic services, central diagnostic laboratory has been equipped with latest diagnostic tools covering all kinds of diagnostic tests for infectious and non-infectious diseases of animals.


  • Training of veterinary graduates at international standards
  • Collaborative research and application of research output to improve clinical practices in field
  • Sustainability of linkages among academic, industry, and livestock department to train veterinary students and field fractioners on actual demands and needs of the country
  • 24/7 clinical services available for best health of animals


  • Establishment of cutting-edge diagnostic facilities for infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases
  • Development of centralized databased system for the assessment of day to day health issue
  • Formulation of collaborative research Centre based on regional animal health issues
  • Establishment of outreach center for clinical services for far away areas.

Action plan:

  • Centralized data-based recording of clinical cases
  • Diagnostic facilities at affordable rates for the farmers
  • On farm ultrasound services and therapeutic consultancy to the farmers
  • Research execution based on health issues identified at VTH complex
  • Training of postgraduate, graduates and internees with advanced veterinary practices
  • Execution of 24/7 outdoor veterinary services and 24/7 ambulatory field services.
  • Online consultancy to the farmers.