Department of Epidemiology & Public Health


Knowledge and skills in epidemiology are important for biomedical professionals responsible for investigation, control and prevention of diseases in animal and human populations. Also the subject has relevance to those dealing with policies related to health events such as zoonoses , food safety and transboundary diseases.  The department of Epidemiology and Public  department is striving to cater current and future needs of trained manpower in this field. At present , the department offers undergraduate courses in various degree programs being run by the university. The department has one undergraduate and one postgraduate laboratory in addition to foreign qualified PhD faculty having international exposure. Scope of the department is broad and further increases due to its location in Bahawalpur region which is the focus of the government  for creating disease free zones and thus making it as a hub for export of animals and animal products. In addition, Cholistan desert in Bahawalpur offers opportunities and challenges for learning and research in epidemiology which we considered as the strength of the department.   

The mission of the Department of Epidemiology & Public Health is teaching, research and  support  activities for control, prevention, and eradication of animal diseases having socio-economic and public health impact.

The vision of the department is to develop human resources that can practice  principles and methods of epidemiology to address animal /veterinary public health problems in local settings.

Plan of action

  1. Participate in community awareness programs
  2. Collaborative research on endemic diseases of animal origin in Cholistan area
  3. Launching postgraduate programs
  4. Capacity building of health related professionals 
  5. Active participation in disease control/prevention programs
  6. Provide consultancies in epidemiological studies, projects and programs
  7. Advocate evidence based policies and practices