Vice Chancellor's Message

Welcome to Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (CUVAS), a leading institution committed to excellence in education, research, and community service.
Pakistan's economic landscape is intricately tied to agriculture, constituting a significant 20% of the GDP. Within this sector, the livestock industry stands as a powerhouse, contributing an impressive 58.6% to agriculture's value-added and 11.4% to the national GDP. Surpassing the combined value of major and minor crops, livestock commands a substantial 13% share in foreign exchange generation. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in the livelihoods of 30 to 35 million rural farmers, constituting 30-40% of their income.
At present, the gross value addition of the livestock sector in Pakistan stands at PKR 1333 billion, with a commendable 5% share in exports. Globally, our nation holds significant rankings: 4th in total livestock, 2nd in buffalo, 4th in goats, 5th in equids, and 8th in poultry production. The vitality of a robust livestock sector is undeniable; it directly impacts poverty reduction, enhances rural livelihoods, and provides employment for the majority of the labor force.
Over the past decade, substantial investments have been made in poultry, fisheries, dairy, and meat sectors to meet both domestic and regional demands. CUVAS takes pride in being at the forefront, addressing industry needs through comprehensive degree programs, cutting-edge research projects, advanced technology centers, and impactful services.
As a flagship university in veterinary and animal sciences, CUVAS is dedicated to contributing to economic growth and business opportunities through the commercialization of research. Our commitment extends to providing research-focused teaching, ensuring that our students receive a high-quality education and acquire skills that pave the way for successful careers and prove a game changer in the Livestock Sector of South Punjab and Pakistan.
With a strong professional orientation and an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, CUVAS actively collaborates with communities, playing a leadership role in enhancing economic prosperity and contributing to the nation's health and well-being.
I invite you to explore our website for insights into our academic expertise, our valuable business connections, and the unique qualities that make CUVAS a standout choice for students, employers, and prospective colleagues.
Thank you for considering Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences as your academic and professional partner.

Professor Dr. Mazhar Ayaz
Vice Chancellor