Department of Breeding & Genetics



The Department of Breeding and Genetics is an active component of Faculty of Animal Production and Technology. The disciplines like genetics, biometry, mathematics and statistics constitute the discipline of Animal Breeding and Genetics. With the application of knowledge of quantitative genetics and molecular genetics, a breeder aims to improve performance of next generations based on available pedigree and performance records.
The mission of Department of Breeding and Genetics is to enhance production potential of farm animals and increase per unit productivity in terms of milk, meat, mutton and other products through appropriate breeding plans and application of quantitative and molecular genetic technologies and strengthen Human Food Chain for building a healthy nation.
The working of Department of Breeding and Genetics is based on two objectives that is

  • To impart education at undergraduate, M.Phil and PhD level in Discipline of AnimalBreeding and Genetics
  • To conduct research both of basic and applied nature in the Discipline of Animal Breeding &Genetics

The department is equipped with laboratory facilities for illustration of genome of different species of livestock and other animals, DNA isolation, purification and quantification, PCR for gene expression, quality checking and quantification and microscopic studies on the animal and plant cell undergoing mitosis and meiosis  Besides this department has the capability for teaching and research in field of population and quantitative genetics, calculating gene and genotypic frequencies based on available data, estimation of genetic parameters like heritability, repeatability and genetic correlations, measurement of inbreeding and relationship co-efficient, ranking of animals based on EBV,s and use of computer softwares specially designed for discipline of Animal Breeding and Genetics.